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Winner Spa Design Award 2010
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The different philosophy

We are an international beauty & spa consulting and design company. our team comprises visionaries, designers, engineers, therapists, doctors and operating partners.
From the first vision to the planning and project management up to the staffing and operational coaching - we go hand in hand with our client to develop an individual, unique beauty & spa area

we combine:
- unique functional concept development
- emotional, individual design
- efficient spa & beauty facilities
- operations, coaching and staffing

we offer you the complete range of services. thats the perfect interaction - your way to succes

The successful concept

we develop your complete wellness & spa area - the basis and foundation for your new possibiltz to switch off. in this connection, our transparent cost analyses and projections offer you a solid base for your investment.

few of our services to start:
- unique functional conception
- strategic planning
- development and planning of the functional concept
- budget costs
- feasibility study

The unique design

based on the concept we create a unique interior design for your beauty & spa area.
through our detailed interior plans, we guarantee optimum functionality in an harmonious atmosphere.

few of our services to feel the spirit of wellness:
- providing of all interior plans (floor covering plan, light plan, ceiling plan etc.)
- supply of all perspectives and elevations
- emotionally attractive & holistic treatment rooms
- devising a prospective perfect design
- stylistically creative and useful
- the latest ideas and brand new approaches
- development of new wellbeing rituals

The intelligent Engineering

based on the interior design plans, we develop technical beauty and spa me plans for you. in keeping with the most recent research, we design and plan comfortable spa facilities for you. planning and application of modern and efficient technologies are an integral component of our projects. they assure optimal coordination of wellness and spa technology as well as a smooth process of development. from indonesian bathing experience to healthy massage and salt water floating applications, with different technologies we develop your spa into a unique wellness experience.

few of our services to save costs:
- water technology and plans
- beauty & spa treatment studies
- sanitary, ventilation, heating and electrical plans
- energy studies
- disinfection and hygiene standards

The fixed turn key realisation

lean back and relax. we provide you a cost, design and quality guarantee. together with the fixed date of handover of your new spa you will relax - before you open your new spa. this can be for the complete project our for special spa items.

few of your benefits:
- fixed costs, quality, design and deadlines
- no coordination & costs between engeneers, architects, construction ...
- one partner & one person for all questions
- no costs for tendering,cost calculation,site supervision,controlling...
- save costs because of our whole sale organisation

The operating management

Our international expertise points you the way to success.

A few of our services to ensure smooth operations:
- project controlling and development
- equipment recommendation and tendering
- contact to authentic beauty products from around the world - buy direct
- marketing planning
- coaching
- spa management and staffing - we train your staff
- partner of the international spa academy


Aqua Design
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If you have any questions or are interested in our products, please send us a message and we will contact you soon.